Rent out any product on any subscription model, anywhere in the world.

Transform your products with versatile rental & lease options that drive conversions, engagement, and customer retention for sustained growth.
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Your full end-to-end rental process, covered in one platform.

Experience seamless, end-to-end rental management all within a single, comprehensive platform designed for efficiency and ease.

Integrated risk prevention

Automate unified background checks and digital ID verification for robust fraud protection and secure transactions.

Works with everything

Effortlessly integrate rental models into your existing e-commerce platform and business systems using the Firmhouse APIs.
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Close the loop

Close the loop on your rental logistics & asset operations.

Optimize logistics and operations to create a convenient experience for rental customers and to extend the reusability and lifetime value of rental assets.


Rental-focused logistics, expertly crafted to streamline business operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Full cycle management

Easily monitor the location, condition, usage history, and generated revenue of each rental asset.

Billing designed for rental & lease.

Expertly crafted billing solutions to streamline your rental and leasing operations.

Capture long-term customer commitments.

Build and retain lasting customer relationships through exceptional experiences and dedicated service.

Protect your business with automated checks.

Implement background checks, risk scoring, and online identification to prevent fraud. 

Flexible payment operations.

Manage recurring transactions with ease, catering to diverse business needs and customers preferences.

All major local payments methods in Europe.

Offer all major local payment methods to support the diverse preferences of your European customers.

All major identification methods in Europe.

Use any of Europe’s major electronic identification (eID) methods, as well as driver’s license and passport checks, to efficiently verify customers. 

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our Rental & Lease capabilities.
Do I need an e-commerce storefront to get started?
In our most simple set up you can get started with Rental & Lease without any e-commerce storefront or platform. We provide the option to do a 1-click checkout by adding a link to any page or website, and renting our one product. If you're just experimenting with a few products, this is a great option.
What options to you provide to protect my business from fraud?
Great question. We offer integrations that help you do automated background checks on customers and, of course, approve them before you ship out your products. Platforms and partners like Focum, Veriff, and Signicat help us localize to the right methods and regulations to get this done securely.
Do you also ship my products for me?
We don't offer logistics services ourselves. You are responsible for shipping and getting your products returned. We do run the whole logistics process, and make sure that you can easily see which customers are pending the shipment of their product, and what products are expected to be returned.
What markets and countries do you currently support?
Our customers have been active in 40+ countries historically with their subscription operations. We encourage inquiring with us what the options are, and if we can add support for your desired country and localise for payments, taxes and shipping rates.
Can I track which assets go to which customers?
Yes! We have some great logic that allows you to assign specific rental assets to a customer. You'll always know which asset you need to get returned from that customer. We keep track of the full history and therefore can also provide insights and data on the Asset Lifetime Value of your products that you can analyse for your business case.