E-commerce software platform for Product-as-a-Service businesses.

Firmhouse offers the fastest and most complete software solution to start and scale your Product-as-a-Service business. No additional software or systems are needed to get started. Simply add a button to your website, and you are ready to accept your first customers.
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The most flexible e-commerce cart & check-out, designed for Product-as-a-Service.

Complex sign-up experiences and business operations are a thing of the past. Firmhouse is the first platform where a one-time purchase is no different than your recurring orders and rentals.

All types can be easily added into one cart, check-out, and first payment for your customers.

Combined carts

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

Easy down payments.

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Effortlessly manage your valuable assets with easy tracking and monitoring tools.

Keep your Product-as-a-Service business running smoothly with effortless asset tracking tools from Firmhouse. Monitor your unique assets, their ownership history, and quality, while calculating Asset Lifetime Value and extending product lifecycles for a positive impact on the world.

Smooth operations

Automate your monthly billing, payments, emails, and sign-ups with Firmhouse's all-in-one system for Product-as-a-Service businesses.

Automate everything

Automate your processes and focus on growing your business with ease.
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Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
What makes Prouct-as-a-Service unique?
In a Product-as-a-Service proposition, the customer buys the outcome of your product in the form of a service. Typically one or more physical products are offered on a subscription basis by combining different archetypes of subscriptions into one: rentals, recurring orders, and the occasional one-time purchase.

Will setting up my Product-as-Service model be complex?
Firmhouse enables you to launch different archetypes quickly into one proposition. Rentals, recurring orders, and on-demand delivery are natively available and connected to our platform's shipping logic.

How can I set up my Product-as-a-Service model with Firmhouse?
After creating your account, our onboarding will guide you through setting up your project for your Product-as-a-Service proposition. In case you get stuck, our support team will help you move forward with your configuration.

I already have customers, can I bring those to the Firmhouse platform?
Yes, we provide multiple ways to onboard or migrate from your existing systems to Firmhouse. If we don't have existing migration capabilities for your current system, our team will help you switch.

How is Product-as-a-Service different From a rental proposition?
A rental model provides temporary access to a product and usually does not include additional or flexible services. In a Product-as-a-Service model, the intention is to have an on-going and long relationship with a customer who deliberately decides not to buy a product but pays to use it under a Product-as-a-Service proposition.

What is the best way to manage my risk in a Product-as-a-Service business model?
With Firmhouse, we offer a manual activation strategy for your team. After a customer registers and has made their first payment, you can perform a background check and accept or decline the customer. We do provide automated acceptance checks in specific markets and will soon have identity checks available.

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